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BeBeC-2010-01A. Lauterbach,
T. Ahlefeldt,
S. Kröber,
L. Koop,
S. Loose
Microphone array measurements on high-speed trains
in wind tunnels
A. Henning
K. Ehrenfried,
L. Koop
Causality correlation in aeroacoustic experiments
by means of simultaneous PIV and microphone-array
T. Ahlefeldt,
L. Koop,
A. Lauterbach,
C. Spehr
Advances in microphone array measurements
in a cryogenic wind tunnel
BeBeC-2010-04S. GuidatiAdvanced beamforming techniques in vehicle acoustics
BeBeC-2010-05A. Schmitt,
L. Lamotte
Source identification inside cabin using inverse methods
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BeBeC-2010-06P. SijtsmaAARC Benchmark1 revisited
D. Blacodon
Spectral estimation noisy data using a reference noise
 Navvab,M.Application of head transfer function in room acoustic design
using beamforming
T. Padois,
V. Valeau,
C. Prax
Potentiality of time-reversed array processing
for localizing acoustic sources in flows: a numerical study
BeBeC-2010-10P.A.G. Zavala
W. de Roeck
K. Hanssens,
J. R. de Franca Arruda,
P. Sas,
W. Desmet
Generalized inverse beamforming investigation and hybrid estimation

BeBeC-2010-11S. Kröber,
K. Ehrenfried,
L. Koop,
A. Lauterbach
In-flow calibration approach for improving beamforming accuracy

TutorialE. SarradjImproving speed with orthogonal beamforming
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G. Zechel,
A. Zeibig,
M. Beitelschmidt
Time-domain beamforming on moving objects
with known trajectories

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H. Siller,
M. Drescher,
G. Saueressig,
R. Lange
Fly-over source localisation on a Boeing 747-400

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BeBeC-2010-14 J. Zillmann,
C. Carou

Array analysis for aircraft flyover measurements

BeBeC-2010-15D. Döbler,
G. Heilmann
New method for positioning of microphones
U. Michel
Influence of source model on the beamforming results of jet noise
R. DoughertyJet noise beamforming with several techniques
T. Grosser,
A. Elsafadi,
D. Hübner,
R. Böck,
A. Wendemuth
Adaptive beamforming in speaker diarization
BeBeC-2010-19D. Döbler,
R. Schröder
Contrast improvement of acoustic maps
by successive deletion of the main sources
BeBeC-2010-20 R. Schröder,
I. Romenskiy,
O. Jaeckel,
Alternative methods for the improvement of 2D/3D -microphone array measurements
S. Orlando,
A. Bale,
D. Johnson

Design and preliminary testing of a MEMS microphone phased array

BeBeC-2010-22 K. Oakley NoiseCam – Using 3D Beamforming
to better localise noise sources on Hovercraft
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