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Lecture 1
U. Michel 
History of acoustic beamforming
BeBeC-2006-02 O. Jaeckel Strengths and weaknesses of calculating
beamforming in the time domain
BeBeC-2006-03 E. Sarradj,
C. Schulze,
A. Zeibig
Aspects of source separation in beamforming
BeBeC-2006-04P. Böhning,
H. Siller,
K. Holland,
F. Arnold,
A. Kempton,
U. Michel
Novel methods for acoustic indoor measurements
and applications in aero-engine test cells
BeBeC-2006-05 P. BaumannTotal effective sound pressure level
of Acoustic Camera (Ring 32-4211)
compared with four free-field 1/2” Microphones

 J. Müller
Noise detection at car door module with
Acoustic Camera
BeBeC-2006-07  K. Ehrenfried,
L. Koop,
A. Henning,
K. Käpernick
Effects of wind-tunnel noise on
array measurements in closed test sections
BeBeC-2006-08 A. R. Quayle,
A. P. Dowling,
W. R. Graham,
H. Babinsky
Comparison of source estimation algorithms /
Methods in closed tunnel noise measurements 
Yu Liu,
A. P. Dowling,
Ho-Chul Shin

Application of phased arrays in the
study of roughness noise
Lecture 2
M. MöserOn the role of beamforming in Technical Acoustics
BeBeC-2006-11 S. Frank,
J. Schell,
R. Behrendt

Scanning Laser vibrometry for detection
of noise sources with high spatial resolution,
Lecture 3
R. BannaschAcoustic underwater communication, 3D-positioning
and object recognition based on bionic principles
BeBeC-2006-13 A. Zeibig,
C. Schulze,
E. Sarradj,
M. Beitelschmidt
Microphone array measurements
on aeroacoustic sources
A. Wettklo Tonic strains of a chamber orchestra
M. Kern,
H. Opfer
Extension of the beamforming-method by
synchronized multiple measurements
S. Guérin,
C. Weckmüller
U. Michel
Beamforming and deconvolution
for aerodynamic sound sources in motion
A, Meyer,
D. Döbler
Noise source localization within car interior
using 3D-microphone arrays
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